Meet Your Parish Council

Richard Morgan - Parish Councillor and Chairperson.

My wife Debra and I moved to Sherborne St. John over 15 years ago having previously lived in the Reading area. I speak for both of us when I say that looking back we little did we realise then our good fortune in having made the move to SSJ. When living in Reading we knew our immediate next door neighbours, in SSJ we made enduring friendships throughout the village within weeks of moving in.

I work for a large computer consultancy based in Reading although my work may take me anywhere in the country or indeed abroad.  Whilst always having been involved on the periphery of village affairs e.g. helping with the village fair each year and working as member of the team that secured funding for the new Village Hall, I had on a couple of previous occasions thought about standing for the Parish Council but it was only at the elections in 2012 that I decided to take the plunge. In the space of a very few short weeks I then found myself a Parish Councillor and Chairperson to boot – think of it as just passing your driving test and then finding yourself entered into the Monaco Grand Prix the following week!

I am extremely fortunate in having a very experienced set of fellow councillors to work with and in working with a village population that actively participates when called to arms!  I really enjoy my council role as I get to meet more folk that either live in, work in or use the village facilities like the Village Hall and/or the Chute. I now wish I’d stood as a Councillor years ago.

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Linda Agnew - Parish Councillor

I have lived in the village since 1959 and have many happy memories growing up in the village and attending the village primary school. After secondary school in Basingstoke a few years later I married in the village church. Although I lived in Basingstoke then for a few years my parents continued living in the village and as I was frequently here, I feel as if I never really left.

After my mother passed away I moved back into the house I had grown up in with my husband, our 2 children and one dog. When my children had grown up, I wanted to take part in village life more, so in 2001 following an advert in the Villager I applied to join the Parish Council as a co-opted member until I was formally elected at the next elections and I have served on the Parish Council since.

When the Parish Council reorganised responsibilities I joined the planning committee later becoming Chair and more recently Vice Chair of the Parish Council.

My main interests on the Parish Council have been in planning and housing having worked within the construction industry and housing sector for many years.  I have seen many changes in the village and I am keen to see the quality of life we all enjoy maintained. We do need to change in the future, but it needs to be managed so it is how, what and when we want it.  I am looking forward to the next few years working with my fellow councillors to maintain the village lifestyle we have as I feel it is really special. We do have to accept some change but we need to be able to control it and only have what we all want.

In addition to my duties on the Parish Council, I also became a Parish representative on Basingstoke and Deane's Standards Committee who monitor complaints from the both the public and other councillors since 2008.  

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Natasha Rougier - Parish Councillor and Vice-Chairperson

I moved into the village of Sherborne St John, from London several years ago, and live here with my husband and four children. Before having children I worked as a Solicitor in London and subsequently as a volunteer in the Citizens Advice Bureau.  We all love living in Sherborne St John. We were immediately struck by the friendliness and strong sense of community here, which we had never experienced before. I feel it is such an important aspect to the making the village such a great place to live and hope to be able to do my bit to protect it.

I have always tried to steer clear of politics, but was persuaded that as the role of Parish Councillor is not political, I could have a useful role. So far it has been hugely interesting and enjoyable. The recent fight against the development threatening our village, has been a challenge, but one I am committed to.

I am also very involved in a couple of children’s charities, The Rainbow Trust and Action Medical Research.

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Carl Davies - Parish Councillor and Finance

I moved into the village in the summer of 2015 along with my wife and daughter.  Having lived in the Midlands but with my job, as an IT Director, centering around Newbury, Reading and London for many years, we finally decided to make the move down south.  The key things that attracted us to Sherborne St John were it's location but also the fact that it is a really friendly village with a thriving community, it's own identity and excellent facilities.  Saying that, it was having a pub 100 yds from the house that ultimately swung my decision!

Not wanting just to live here but to be part of that community and to help maintain it, when I saw the article in The Villager towards the end of 2015, that the Parish Council was looking for a new councillor, I jumped at the chance.  Even though I am new, I was accepted and was co-opted until the elections in May 2016, where I was elected for a full term.  This is my opportunity to get involved, keep learning more about the village and give something back.

I am committed to keeping the special quality of life we all enjoy in Sherborne St John.

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Rose Cooper - Parish Councillor

I moved to Sherborne St John in 2001 with husband John, having set up a business in Twickenham and which meant daily commutes up the M3. I now travel only twice a week, thankfully.

I realised that I was not participating in village life at all so joined the Womens Fellowship as well as SSJ History Society. In a previous life I was a primary teacher but after a number of years decided to turn to pastures new, so as well as running the business, wanted to train as a complementary therapist; this now means that I volunteer at St Michael’s Hospice and The Pink Place in Basingstoke, a charity for breast cancer sufferers.

I have practised yoga for more years than I care to admit, and also practice tai chi locally, which is great; I can recommend both.

Being on the parish council means that I can continue to contribute to community life in and around Sherborne St John.

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Penny Mayo - Parish Clerk

I became the Parish Clerk for Sherborne St John in July 2012 following the last clerk Mandy Haworth who had to unfortunately resign due to personal commitments. I have been a parish clerk for several years but never stop learning especially as in smaller rural parishes so many different items come to the attention of the Parish Council often for the first time!

If you like meeting people and helping them with problems it is a very satisfying job. After years of working in administration at the University of Reading I took early retirement. What a mistake, so I was very pleased to be offered the job of Clerk to Sherborne St John where I am kept very busy. It is a great parish with so many volunteers providing for every part of their community and I am very happy to be part of it. If you need to contact me or other members of the Parish Council please use the contact form on the Parish Council pages or via email.

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